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March 22, 2011 by dan

Dietary supplements, such as the vitamin B sup...

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One Prediction: of the hard parts about using supplements is finding good scientific information. There is a lot of fraud and snake oil in this industry. Someone claiming on an anonymous website that “supplement ABC Melbourne is the best thing since sliced bread” is not evidence. Evidence comes from scientific research published in respectable journals.

Here’s a brief list of respectable sources for supplement information:

Sites you should not use as a primary source:

  • Forums
  • Stores and sites selling supplements
  • Sites promoting unscientific nonsense cheap mlb jerseys such Ph?n as reiki, homeopathy, “natural is better”, anti-vaxers, Vibram and chelation
  • Pyramid or multi-level marketing schemes

Some of these sites may provide A useful references to actual research. Just make wholesale nba jerseys sure they’re published wholesale nfl jerseys in respectable journals that don’t promote these wholesale nba jerseys unscientific ideas.

If you have additional websites that should be included post them in the comments and I’ll add them cheap mlb jerseys to the list.

  • Anonymous

    what exactly is an “anti-vaxer?”

    oh…is that one of those cute terms that assholes with less overall knowledge of the truth come up with to poke fun…like “quack?”

    guess what, sherlock.  I don’t vaccinate.  Myself or my children.  We’re perfectly healthy.

    but even with that in mind; what the fuck does that have to do with supplements?  really?  

    And by the way, natural is better.  Do the research; the WHOLE research before you involve such ridiculous close-minded crap on your website.

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